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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

To Err

(in other words: to make a mistake)

Alexander Pope wrote:

"To Err is human,

To Forgive, Divine."

This is a marvelous concept.
 And, over decades of developing products, 
test procedures and communication systems,
I have modified Pope's philosophy, so:

Dann Flesher wrote:

"To Err is Human.

To Forgive is Divine.

To Err and Record is Research." (c)

Monday, July 6, 2020



Humanity is NOT a Permanent Condition.

We will eventually get over it.

It is what follows Humanity 

that is much more important,

and needs our constant attention.

DJF (c) 6-20-2020

Friday, May 3, 2019

Heavy Burdens


Each of us is given a burden to carry while on earth. It is to be faced with temptations and with our free will to choose. We have the freedom to choose, but we do not have control of the consequences that come from that choice.

It is part of what we agreed to before we came here. I am not certain that I chose the specific challenge(s) or burden(s) that was(were)(are) being given to me, but I knew such things were part of the package. It is how I respond to those challenges and burdens that determines both who I am and who I will become.

In times of stress I sometimes think of my neighbor: am I carrying more then he or she is? Am I responding to my challenges as well as they respond to their challenges. But that is judgmental, which is another burden for me to carry... And I cannot really know how well my neighbor is doing versus his own life challenges, can I?

In some way I believe that the total burden I carry is equivalent to yours and to all others: no more, no less. They are not "equal" because each set of burdens is as different as each snowflake. But I think they are equivalent and matched to our abilities to overcome or resist. And these challenges are not bad for us. If we decide to make the right choices, they are opportunities for personal growth.
Instead of judging others, the Christ asks us to look at Him. Are my temptations more than He bore? Am I doing as well as He did? Are my choices in life better than His? The answer is obvious, "No", but we never like that answer, do we?

But He responds to our conclusion that we are bearing a heavy load with an amazing offer, Matthew 11: "28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light."
He wants to relieve us of our "heavy" burden, in exchange for His "light" burden. In addition to all that He has already done for us, all that he suffered in Gethsemane and on the Cross, He offers us even more. Rest, even rest unto our souls, "And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding,"
Even someone with the impulses and psychological drive of a serial killer still has a choice to make. So do we.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

About Light


I walked into a co-worker’s office with a technical calculator in my hand to ask him a question, something related to our work. I was a chemical engineer, but he had a double PhD, one in chemical engineering and another in electrical engineering, so I often went to his office for technical advice and also for interesting discussions on many other subjects. I leaned against the door frame as the discussion drifted to the fascinating subject of light.

He told me that he had long sought for a physical analogy for light. We use such analogies to describe many aspects of what we cant see, like an electron orbiting a nucleus can be thought of as a planet orbiting a sun or the moon orbiting the earth, and those visual analogies can be drawn as an image on a blackboard and discussed.  That helps us find and refine the mathematics and the physics and the forces that define the processes involved.

But, so far, light is a mystery. It has a set of dual properties that can define light as both a particle and as a wave.  But how can we draw an image that represents both a particle and a wave.

However he had found a much better, much simpler analog:
  •           “A photon of light is neither a particle nor a wave.”
His explanation was
  •           "A photon of light is TWO particles orbiting each other at the speed of light, and traveling together in one direction at the speed of light."

Think of it as two neutrino sized particles, lets call them “pips”, one is positively charged and one negative. They are orbiting each other with a speed of ‘C’, that is ~300,000 kilometers or ~186,000 mile per second. AND they are traveling together at that same speed through space.  These are very tiny, but their speed is reportedly the fastest in the universe, i.c. "C".

When we use an instrument to detect the photon by stopping the photon, it appears to be a particle with some minuscule amount of mass, just like Einstein taught us. When light passes a massive body, such as the sun, it bends. And, when it gets close to a black hole, gravity will pull it into the black hole. However, when we use an instrument that looks at the photon from the side, or as it passes the instrument, the photon looks like a wave… it is actually two opposing waves.

That would certainly explain some of the mysteries connected with a photon of light…. but he had more. He went into a long mathematical explanation of what an electron is. He said that an electron is three photons, or 6 pips, “trapped” in a tight orbit. He explained that (statistically I think) this cluster of three negative pips and three positive pips would have a constantly changing “core area” of two positive and one negative pip and a constantly moving exterior shell of one positive and two negative: that leaves one extra negative charge on the exterior shell, thus an electron is seen as being negative.

Then he tried to explain, with a long long equation, how the energy of these six pips (many values of ‘C’) was generating the mass of the electron (remember E=mC2 ?). The math was way above my pay grade, but the logic seemed plausible.

He continued to explain what happened to five (5) photons that entered a similar cluster. Again he put the math on the green board. It was the same long formula but with two different different numerical
factors, the first and last numbers. It looked something like this:

A) 3 photons or 6 pips (an electron?) looked like this: 2 * ( xxx * yyy * zzz * qqq) * ԉ7
and B) 5 photons or 10 pips (???) looked like this: 12 * ( xxx * yyy * zzz * qqq) * ԉ12

He then informed me that the second object with 5 photons or 10 pips was a proton??? At this statement I reacted. “No," I said "you only have a ratio of 10 to six or five to 3.  That is not the mass ratio of a proton to an electron !"

His response was ‘do the math’. If we divide the energy formula B by the energy formula A all the factors disappear but this:   B / A = (12 * ԉ12) / (2 * ԉ7 ) = 6 ԉ5 , or six pi to the 5th power.

Then he said “You have a calculator, do the math.” I looked down at my calculator and input the number. I instantly recognized the first four digits as the mass ratio of the proton to an electron.. some number stuck in my memory from decades before.

I looked up at him in astonishment and said, “That’s it.”    He smiled at me and echoed “That’s it.”

  • Six times pi to the fifth power is 1836.118109
  • The mass ratio of a proton to an electron as reported in Wikipedia is:                                μ = mp/me = 1836.152673

Thus, there is a difference of only 0000.034 or a difference of 3 in the sixth significant figure between these two calculations. Is that number, coming from a technical study of the energies involved, just a coincidence???

As I absorbed the wave of understanding that came from my calculator, my friend smiled and said, “In Genesis He said ‘Let there be light’… that is all there is! Everything is composed of light.”

I have mentioned this
concept of light to a handful of physicists. Without even offering to look at any of my friend’s work, or his math, or even ask me for his name they immediately dismiss it as being “numerology”.  After all, my friend only has two PhD’s to his credit.  However, neither of those degrees are in ‘physics’; so why should they even consider a different approach by an “outsider”. Jeremiah once said 5:21 “...O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not:”

What they have rejected, and thus failed to read or hear is his ability to also formulate Planck’s constant (to 5 significant figures), the characteristics of all the quarks, and other Physics constants and phenomena. All of his math and conclusions were based on the number and the positive or negative charges of ‘pips’ in the photon, all based on this unique and easily understood definition of the photon.

In parallel to my friend’s experience there is now another theory of light, the Pilot Wave Theory. It is much simpler than the QED or “quantum theory” and it is easier to understand,... that is, Pilot Wave theory is logical,... while QED defies logic. An interesting historical note is that Pilot Wave was proposed by a grad student 92 years ago at the same 1927 Solvay Conference where QED was proposed and accepted an pursued, attracting most of the research funding in physics. QED was illogical, but won, supposedly because the math was a little simpler, or perhaps because the leaders at that 1927 conference had developed QED. (Politics?)

Sadly, I do not have any any published work by my friend on this subject.  He has not been able to attract any funding to test his concept.  However, below is a video on the Pilot Wave theory... which most physicists have ignored for well over 90 years. At last a few people, mostly in France, have given it serious consideration, so perhaps the 100 year mark will bring new hope to this simpler, more logical theory. Then, in another fifty years or so, perhaps my friend’s theory will get an audience.

I read a book a few decades ago called “Ideas in Conflict” (Theodore J. Gordon, 1966). In it the author said that in order for a person to get a truly new concept accepted by the world, they only have three hurdles to overcome “Organized Religions, Organized Government, and, surprisingly, Organized SCIENCE.” In my reading of recent and ancient history, and in my personal experience, I have found this to be true many, many times.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

A Question about Abortion

There are those who have named the earth "Gaia" and they consider her as a mother figure, and I appreciate that analogy. Thinking on this, I recently was reminded of what God said to Cain: "... the voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground." Gen 4:10... or it crieth from the earth, or from 'Gaia'

If the blood of one slain innocent was heard in the Heavens, then what would the blood of millions and millions of innocents do? Is there any surprise that 'Gaia' is rendering her garments, her mountains and valleys and oceans, in pain and distress from the cries of her millions and millions of innocent children ???

Friday, February 23, 2018

It is wonderful to discover that we are wrong.
It is a major step, if not the only step, to learning, and to our personal progress.
Disillusionment is mostly thought of as a negative, uncomfortable experience. It is NOT. Being disillusioned is a step in the RIGHT direction. It is the removal of a former illusion, one that we may have held for many years. Any temporary discomfort is soon replaced with a better, but not-yet-perfect, view of reality.
The book and concept of “Psycho Cybernetics” (Maxwell Maltz, 1960) correctly proposes that 'Negative feedback is more Positive than positive feedback'. Negative feedback allows us to change our direction and to choose a better, more certain path to an important or complex goal. Positive feedback is neutral, it doesn't even confirm to us that our instruments... or our brains… are still working.
If your image of life today is the same as it was yesterday, there is a good chance that either:1) you are still asleep, or 2) that you have died and no one has yet been kind enough to inform you.
Dann J Flesher 4-7-17/2-23-18 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


What do I tell my Child?

The story of Saint Nicholas is inspiring and it is "real".

He was a real person, born in March 270 AD, died December 343 AD. He was a Bishop, who secretly gave gifts to others. His life, over the centuries, has inspired untold billions of people.

God used the diaspora, or the repeated scattering of the Hebrews / Israelites / Christians among the nations, to "salt" the earth with the Gospel story and the Scriptures. The "spirit" of Nicolas still "salts" the earth today, with Joy.

The details of Nicholas's story have been distorted by variations in language and cultures across the world. But, the spirit of his story survives, and helps people worldwide feel the joy that comes to all from the GIVING of ourselves to others.

This feeling of joy is more, much more, than the childhood joy of just receiving gifts on a holiday.

Even in science and education we are only taught partial truths at a young age... simply because the whole truth... about any subject... is too confusing for young, developing minds. Santa is such a partial truth. And, he is only a small part of the story.

If you want, and your child is mentally ready, you can first learn more yourself and then teach them more about the original Saint Nicholas. Or you might set that effort as a challenge for their own youthful research. Learn how different peoples of the earth have revered this one man with widely diverse names and traditions.

Let your child in on "the real Secret" of Santa Claus, something that most other children don't really know.

Then point out that Saint Nicholas was simply a good man, a very good man, but only a man. Nicholas gave gifts to others, just trying to repeat what he knew our Heavenly Father had done for us all.

Heavenly Father gave us the gift of His Son, so that ALL might have Joy.

Santa is as real as we wish to make him, because we can each be Santa... but only if we choose to be.

DJF 12/13/17

Friday, September 15, 2017

As soon as I finish my
formula for a FREE LUNCH,
I plan on Patenting it, and
becoming an instant Millionaire!”

                                                           djf   9/15/2017

Friday, August 4, 2017

(vs Human Behavior)

Being Humane is a uniquely Human attribute
that can only be applied by Humans, 
but is rarely applied to Humans.

                                          DJF    8/4/17

Friday, July 21, 2017

Facing Danger

In the face of danger,
Fight or Flight are the only option
To those without Faith

Dann J Flesher, Jan 26, 2014                             

Facing Fear

Fear knocked at the door,
Faith answered,
And no one was there.

                                         English Proverb